Mr. Anil Kumar Sharma Principal

The might of the nation, truly speaking, is embedded in its academic shrines. Men of letters are its real assets. I am very optimistic in stating that civilizations and societies evolve through the centres of learning. Hence, education is the most grandiloquent gift that a motherland can bestow upon its citizens. I chose to be an educator with the idea of a missionary and I have been devotedly and dedicatedly following this zeal. I am fortunate enough that in the crossing of several Rubicons, all members of the staff synchronized their sincere efforts with those of mine. I know for sure that the Spring Dalian journey of a thousand miles began with a single step.This single step was taken in 1982 and with the passage of time the sapling has become a giant banyan tree with  thousands of students enjoying the cool and serene shade of education under it.This cavalcade of education will keep growing and excelling in all not only in academics but every sphere.We hereby pledge and affirm that we will strive harder and put our best foot forward and leave no stone unturned to fulfill our manifesto 'Light as many candles as you can'.