• Go through the School Diary daily to see the child's home assignments/projects, teachers remarks and circulars.
  • Address all communication to the Principal and not to the Class teacher or any specific teacher.
  • Co-operate with the school to help the child progress in the right manner.
  • Take special care of child's regularity, punctuality and discipline.
  • Inform in writing about any change in telephone number, so that S.M.S sent by the school for providing any necessary information reaches you.
  • Intimate in writing about the change of your address if any.
  • In case of any complaint/grievance or to know about the child's performance, contact the Principal.
  • Do not criticize teachers or the school in the presence of your child because it results in making the child lose respect for teachers.
  • Pay the fee well in time.
  • Motivate the child and do not chide him/her.
  • Do not send Tiffin through anyone. If the child has forgotten to bring it, he can have eatables from the canteen.                                                         


  • Be firm with your child. It makes him/her feel secure.
  • Don't nag. If you do, he/she will have to protect himself or herself by turning a deaf ear.
  • Don’t pamper your child. Love your child but don't spoil him/her.
  • Correct him/her in private and not in public.
  • Guide your child to avoid bad company.
  • When needed, your child is allowed to use the school phone to contact you. Please don’t give him a mobile phone.
  • Your child is quickly growing up. So, spend some quality time with him/her to keep pace with his/her growth.
  • Appreciate your child for whatever good he has done.
  • Motivate him to take part in sports and co-curricular activities.
  • Give him/her good company so that he/she does not search for it outside.
  • Ensure that he spends time for self study as well.